Metal and Clear Empower® 2 Brackets

Create a Beautiful Smile with Empower® 2 Brackets

You want a beautiful smile, but all the hassle that comes with regular braces? No thank you. The rubber bands collect food, and all that metal is difficult to brush around. Not to mention they’re uncomfortable.

But what if you could have a beautiful smile without the hassle of rubber bands and clunky brackets?

With Empower® 2 Self Ligating Braces, you get just that. This technically advanced braces system creates your beautiful smile faster than traditional braces without the need for ties or elastics.

By using light, gentle forces, Empower® 2 Brackets give you the smile you want more comfortably than ever.

Empower® 2 Brackets vs. Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use elastic bands and ties that slow down treatment and cause discomfort.

Empower® 2 Brackets

Empower® 2 Brackets allow your teeth to move more easily and comfortably due to their small size and absence of rubber bands.

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Metal & Clear Self Ligating Braces

With Empower® 2 Braces, you have options. You can choose between our metal and clear braces to find the best fit for you.

Metal Braces

Our Empower® 2 Metal Braces offer discrete coverage since they’re smaller and lack rubber bands, leaving you with less plaque build-up and less difficulty brushing your teeth.

Clear Braces

Our Empower® 2 Clear Braces are made from a ceramic material that seamlessly blends with your teeth. Combine efficiency and aesthetics with braces you hardly notice.

Benefits of Empower® 2 Self Ligating Braces

This advanced braces technology comes with many benefits, including: 

No Elastic Bands

Say goodbye to rubber bands that collect food particles and say hello to easier brushing.

Less Metal

Since Empower® 2 brackets are smaller with less metal, they are also less noticeable.

Increased Comfort

With no elastic bands and less metal, your braces are more comfortable.

Shorter Appointments

Empower® 2 brackets don’t need as many adjustments, meaning shorter appointments.

Superior Results

Get your teeth into alignment quicker with Empower® 2 metal brackets.